Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Update

I saw my first flower today so I thought I would put up a few pictures as an update. I have so many vegetables and as a result a lot of greens in my garden. So I am very excited about having a few flowers there to liven things up.

First things first, my first sunflower!!!

I also picked a few squash flowers which have been the only colour in my garden so far. (And when I say garden I of course mean my little patio full of pots.)

My tomatoes also seem to be making good progress

I have two tomato plants this year. I am hoping for at least a few harvests.
Also looking forward to some action in my eggplant and pepper plants.(Fingers crossed).


  1. There's so much joy in gardening! I just got back from my 10 day vacation to be welcomed by our first rose flower :) and lots of ripe tomatoes. I'm getting ready to try that tomato basil bread of yours!

  2. There is joy.. There is also frustration :)
    I saw your pictures from alaska they are beautiful.
    My tomatoes are not ripe yet looking forward to them.


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