Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Garden

I am tired of hearing about green thumbs or lack thereof. We were hunters and gatherers and then farmers. Plants die, it happens and then you grow them again. I am sure a knack for gardening would be relevant if I were the growing blue roses for a moghul king but as it stands anyone can grow a bunch of herbs and some flowers.

That said gardening does not come easy to me. It requires that you plan ahead, be patient, accept failure but try again, respect what a plant needs but show them who is boss. All of these are reasons I wanted to garden. I am slave to immediate gratification. My eye is always on the goal.

Gardening is hard for me yet I find it so rewarding because it does not let me hurry things along. I am forced to enjoy the process and not the results ( when you see the produce I picked after a month and a half of seed germination, transplanting, watering, fertilizing you will understand what I am talking about).

I tell you all this only because I am not capable of getting right to the point and like to meander through a labyrinth of words at the drop of a hat.

The purpose of this post was only to put up pictures of some of my plants as they stand today so I have an opportunity to compare a few months down the line.

I have a couple of window boxes of lettuce growing with some arugula sharing space with them. These were too much work for too little returns. And also seemed to attract more pests than all of my other plants. I will hesitate to grow these again.

A pot of flat leaf parsley.

This is one of the few plants that survived from last year. Though it is also one of the few perennials that I grew.

Rosemary - I picked some fresh rosemary off this plant for my bread.

Sweet basil - I have two pots of sweet basil and am considering planting more. You can never have enough basil as far as I am concerned. By far my favorite herb. I am also starting a couple of other types of basil.

Thai basil - Last year I had bought a Thai basil plant that was quite tasty but in the end flowered and went to seed. This year I am growing mine from seed. So far the plant looks healthy. I have not tasted any so do not know if these will be as nice as the plant I had last year.

Mint - Since mint does not grow true to seed and I had no idea where to get cuttings from , I went out and bought a small plant about a month ago. This mint is growing rapidly and has already reached its capacity in that 8 inch pot. If it show any signs of distress I might have to re pot these into a bigger container. Not something I want to do since I have a really tiny patio and a lot of plants.

Growing some assorted chillies from seed.

Two Tomato plants


Crookneck squash.

Fennel - not sure why I grew these. I can not find too many uses for the leaves and I do not want to dig up bulbs at the moment. Again not sure if this is a plant I will repeat.

And finally with an imaginary drum roll - today's harvest.

Lets see how many of these survive in the coming months with multiple vacations planned.


  1. Wow... just wow! Now I am feeling very very jealous. Have been hunting for good quality seeds in Bombay for a long time now, no luck yet!

  2. Hey I could send you seeds but I am not sure they are for the Indian climate. Also I am surprised , some of my Indian friends have the most beautiful garden including my father in law who has a mini farm near his house. Maybe small plants are the way to go in India?

  3. That's quite an impressive garden you have! I've been growing a few herbs and veggies. The feeling of using herbs from your own garden is priceless.

    How easy is it to grow eggplant? Does it grow well in a pot or do you have to transfer it to ground?

  4. @Snehal - this is my first time growing eggplant. I live in a condo and so have no land and only garden in containers. I did buy special seeds from Renee's Garden for container eggplant.
    It is called Little Prince

  5. Oh, great. The picture shows plants in pots. Must try. Thank you!


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